NEO Team Update 12-4-17

NEO Team Update 12-4-17

December, Organic Outreach and Your Church

December is here, which means Christmas is directly ahead. What a great season to carry the momentum and enthusiasm forward from our Organic Outreach Rally! More people attend Church at Christmas and Easter than at any other time of the year. Whether you joined us for the Organic Outreach Rally in October or not, as Christians, we should be examining how we engage with those who otherwise never set foot in a church. Walt Bennett, Executive Director of Organic Outreach, suggests the following:

– For those in this category who actually have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but are not seeing the purpose in coming together in Christian Community (and most likely not seeing their purpose in living out a Christian life through all the days in-between), prepare your congregation to welcome them warmly with grace and love and create an experience that leaves them desiring to come back…before Easter.  

– For those who have no relationship with Christ and may actually know next to nothing about the real story of Christmas, who are possibly only there through invitations and urgings of their friends and families, prepare your congregation to welcome them warmly with grace and love – helping them to feel that they belong, whether or not they believe.

– For those who have been brought up in a church, or been exposed to Christianity but have either never made a commitment or have perhaps fallen away and are at a low point in their life – so low that they are actually seeking again and have found themselves at your Christmas service – perhaps wracked with guilt and deeply wounded…prepare your congregation to welcome them warmly with grace and love.  Have people standing by to pray with them and to offer them an opportunity to connect or reconnect with a God who forgives completely and who is faithful beyond anything we could possibly experience in this world.

Bottom line – be absolutely intentional about baking outreach into this Christmas season and your Christmas services.  Be fully prepared for all those that God brings to your church in this season – those who fall into the categories above, and any other place they may be coming from.  Make this Christmas more about all those who have not yet accepted this amazing gift than it is about us – because we already get to celebrate it with every waking breath.

NEO Vision

– Every person waking up each morning praying,
“God, anyway you can use me today, I’m available!”

– Every family a beacon of God’s love.

– Every church a mission center.

The Power of Prayer

Pastor Kevin Harney reminds us of the importance of praying for people and praying with people. Listen as he shares an encounter he had while dining in a local restaurant.

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Abba Compassionate Ministries Continues to See Lives Transformed

Celebrate Recovery, with average attendance of 165, has witnessed 47 salvations, 89 recommitments and 12 baptisms in 2017!

Abba Homes has four homes with 22 bed spaces offering transitional sober living.

Manna House serves over 80 family units weekly.

Jail Ministry covers 5 of the 30 pods at David L. Moss.

Ministry at ARC (Adult Rehabilitation Center of Salvation Army) has resulted in an additional 37 salvations.

Prison Ministry and Supermarket Shuttle impact many families every month.

Thanks, Buddy and Alicia Davis, for your leadership! And thanks to NEO Nazarenes for investing time and money in these vital ministries!


Buddy celebrates with graduating Step Study Class and Brian Loderhose and crew refloor the Hardcastle House for Men.

NEO Hispanic Ministries Continue to Thrive

Hispanic Coordinator, Otoniel Dannemann, reports:

Fuente de Vida baptized 52 members this summer, has 13 home Bible studies, and has seen 6 new families won to Jesus recently.

Regency Iglesia has 5 new families from Puerto Rico coming and attendance has grown to 80.

Cielos Abiertos has 2 new committed families and has 65 in attendance.

Fe y Esperanza has close to 40 in attendance.

Central Mahanaim attendance is now 120 per Sunday.

Broken Arrow Hispanic has near 25 each Sunday.

Claremore El Buen Pastor has close to 40 in attendance.

Owasso Hispanic attendance averages close to 20.

Tulsa Hills Hispanic is pausing to re-evaluate next steps at this location.


Claremore El Buen Pastor worship service and Tulsa Central Mahanaim serving at Celebrate Recovery

I Want to Celebrate. . . 

Carl Brown, Hominy. . . We are celebrating Christ every Sunday and every day. He is the Light of the World and the Light is shining bright in Hominy Church of the Nazarene. Praise His Name.

Georgina Lopez, Tulsa Cielos Abiertos. . . Our church had a Thanksgiving dinner for the church members who don’t have any family members in the country. We had a potluck and gave thanks for all that God has given us. We all had a great time!

David Stevens, Vinita. . . We had a good month. We had a very good group at our Thanksgiving meal. We have a great revival with John Hazelton. Our people are growing in their faith. We had one praying at the altar concerning sanctification the next Sunday after the revival. It was good to see our family at Thanksgiving.

Otoniel Dannemann, Tulsa Fuente de Vida. . . We had good attendance and eight made decisions for Jesus. Fifty percent of our congregation are new Christians and we are working with discipleship.

Yalmi & Norma Izaguirre, Tulsa Recency Iglesia. . . Three new families from Puerto Rico came to be a part of our church.

Jason Isaacs, Tulsa Kaleo. . . God is good! Kaleo had a great month of November. At our service on Nov. 19th we had 1 adult come to know Jesus as their savior for the first time and 5 more come down to ask Holy Spirit to be the leader of their life in entire sanctification! We handed out 151 turkeys at our local Warehouse Market as we partnered with “Get Out of the Bus” ministries and prayed over people, invited them to church, and offered them a free Thanksgiving turkey! We also had 5 children pray for salvation at our Sunday Family Service this month! God is good and he is moving at Kaleo Church.

Casey Hollingsworth, Miami New Life. . . Took 10 new members into New Life membership. Held an outreach event to target a low income housing area in Miami. We fed 12 families Thanksgiving dinner, gave away hats and gloves, and also gave each family a turkey and a ham. We took the outreach to them. Got out of the walls of our church and made relationships with these families. Have already had two families that are coming to our church because of God’s work through us!

Clemente Montoya, Tulsa Fe y Esperanza. . . We had 3 of our members get baptized this month!

Brian Loderhose, Owasso Silver Creek. . . We had a great Thanksgiving Silver Creek family lunch on the 19th. About 75 people stayed for lunch and fellowship after the morning service.