NEO Team Update 3-11-21

NEO Team Update 3-11-21

Dear NEO Family,

I have been so proud of our TEAM again this month. Let me tell just a few of the reasons:

  • Pastors and leaders are crying out to God and are reporting a sweet sense of God’s presence in our worship times.
  • The NEO Team came together and conducted a major makeover of the Skiatook Parsonage the last couple of months. Led by Jerry Wilburg, hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours were given. Pastors Danial and Carly Karnes moved into the parsonage on Feb. 27, although we still have a few projects left to complete.
  • Your Board of Ministry (24 elders) interviewed 27 Ministers in Training this week. This was the first (and maybe the only) time we conducted our interviews by Zoom. Thanks to Jim Thornton, our District Secretary, and Marla Shepherd, our Office Administrative Assistant, the day went very smoothly. It was inspiring to hear the testimonies of those in the credentialing process. We have a great group of pastors! We expect to have five or six pastors Ordained at our Assembly on July 31!
  • Our District Ministries are coming out of Covid slowly and carefully. Our youth had a great time of worship last week; 15 to 20 of our pastors participated in the SNU Pastors’ Forum last Monday; a couple of our Mission Areas have had or are planning times of fellowship for our pastors; our Immigration Team has been meeting weekly and at least three members are planning to complete the training to be certified to provide legal advice to immigrants.

We are now moving toward Easter, the high point on the Christian Calendar. I pray that the words of this Elevation Worship song will be true for all of us:

By Your spirit I will rise

From the ashes of defeat

The resurrected King, is resurrecting me

In Your name I come alive

To declare Your victory

New Start Ministry

As we come out of the pandemic over the next several months, churches will be giving attention to what they have learned during this past year that we now have in our toolbox and can utilize as we revitalize our ministries. We also want to give support for strategic new starts over the next 12 months. God has been burdening a young family to help us start a new work in Cushing. Who do you know in the Cushing area that we could reach out to and share the vision of this church? Would you like to be a prayer partner for this young leader as he develops a vision and plan for ministry?

We have 10-12 people, including an ordained elder, who have expressed an interest in helping with restarting a church in Grove. Who do you know in the Grove area with whom we share the vision of this Church?

We also ask the District family to join us in prayer for God to raise up leaders and a core in the Glenpool area for a new start. Which adventurous people of faith would like to join us in this mission field? Will you join us in prayer for God to raise up the right leadership for this important new work?

Coweta The Way of Jesus the Nazarene, a restart church, is making progress on the construction of their new building. Watch Video. Who do you know that needs to connect with this vibrant congregation as they prepare to utilize this tool for ministry? Let’s pray for Pastor Steven Lester and this growing fellowship.

2021 Calendar Changes

District Assembly & NMI Convention – July 30-31 at Tulsa Central Church!

NYI Extravaganza at SNU – May 28-29

Youth Camp – June 1-5

Kids Camp – July 23-26

Please put this on your church and personal calendars.

SNU Sunday on NEO

April 18

Although every plan we make these days is tentative, we are targeting Sunday, April 18 as Southern Nazarene University Sunday on the NEO District. We would ask every church to use one of the videos provided by SNU in your morning service and include the University, President Newman, administrators, faculty, staff and students in your prayer. It would be a good time to thank your church for their faithful giving to support the mission of SNU.

Sunday evening, we hope to have a District-wide service at Tulsa Central with University Singers, two groups from the Worship Arts’ class, and Rev. Dr. Lena Crouso speaking. Dr. Crouso serves as the Chief Diversity Officer in the Office of Intercultural Learning and Engagement, and she is also an ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Dr. Crouso is the daughter of Asian-Indian immigrants and states that her journey from Hinduism to Christ along with her diverse life path has given her a heart and mind for the empowerment of all people through intercultural understanding and a desire to lead people in spiritual and emotional ways, empowering students to move towards social transformation and freedom.