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May 2017
“Waves of Glory” at District Assembly?

“Waves of Glory” at District Assembly? Over a year ago, research I was doing led me to the Journal of the 1921 District Assembly of Eastern Oklahoma. One thing was clear as I read the account of the proceedings – as they met for the business of the church, the most important business was connecting with God! Several times the journal referred to “waves of glory” coming over the gathering. For example, the journal records, “As Brother Douglas led the song service, waves of glory came on the people, until old time Pentecostal shouts were heard… Brother Bud Robinson preached from Tim. 4: 1 and 2, a number of seekers came forward and most of them were either saved, reclaimed or sanctified.” Another day, “Dr. Goodwin gave such an inspiring address that all of the Assembly caught a vision of the great movement of our church as we have never......

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