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Feb 2018
NEO Team Update 2-8-18

This Update Includes  – SCATTER, Does something need to be changed? – IGNITE, Service for spiritual renewal Feb. 18 – EXTRAVAGANZA 2018 – SPARK, Equipping children’s worker – News from across the District – Marriage Detox, Feb. 23 and 24 – COMMUNITY BIBLE EXPERIENCE (CBE) Are you satisfied with the evangelistic passion and fruit in your church? If not, don’t you think something needs to be changed? Dick Vermeil became head coach of the St. Louis Rams in 1997 after a fifteen-year absence from all of coaching. He was infamous for 3- to 4-hour practices in full pads every day of the week. He worked his players so hard that before one game in 1998 against the Bears, the entire team had a meeting about whether they should even play! They had 9 wins in 2 years. So, he changed… He cut down practices to 1.5 hours no matter......

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