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Mar 2020
NEO Team Update 3-12-20

A Firm Foundation These are challenging days as our world is dealing with the pandemic of Covid–19. Our churches are considering changes in our worship services, social gatherings and even our sacraments out of concern for the well-being of our parishioners and communities. Churches are contemplating how they might use technology to deliver teaching and preaching, and also to collect offerings.  Precautions are being put into place as we receive updates from our city, state and national leaders. Communication is prioritized. We are thinking about how we will respond if someone in our congregation should test positive for the virus. In the midst of all of the anxiety and fear, which we who have received the first fruits of the Spirit also experience in varying degrees, there is opportunity for the people of God to stand out as salt and light. Like many of you, Psalm 62 was in......

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