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Aug 2021
NEO Team Update 8-23-21

Do Your Friendships Reflect God’s Heart? by Kevin G. Harney We should follow Jesus’ example by cultivating friendships with nonbelievers. Christian community and being part of a local church are essential for a healthy life of faith. God delights when we are active in the body of Christ, his family. But too many Christians get so invested in relationships with their believing friends that they forget to develop and nurture friendships with those who have not come to experience and embrace the grace of Jesus. It is easy to circle the spiritual wagons and take a defensive attitude toward the world. Some Christians see nonbelievers as the enemy. When this attitude prevails, we tend to break off our relationships with people who are not Christians. If we do interact with nonbelievers, we tend to keep these relationships shallow and safe. This way of thinking is diametrically opposed to the......

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