Monthly Archives: October 2021

Oct 2021
NEO Team Update

I am so thankful for the wonderful team of pastors we have in Northeast Oklahoma. Our pastors are heroes. We have especially been appreciative of the incredible work of our pastors during this pandemic. NONE of our pastors were ever trained for, nor have they ever had to lead ministries during a pandemic. Yet, they rolled up their sleeves, innovated, learned, and creatively put into place new practices so the work of ministry could continue. I have been hearing of some of the creative ways our churches have honored pastors during the month of October. We still have one more Sunday and I would encourage you to add one more method of expressing appreciation. I would ask every layperson to approach your pastor(s) this week, look him or her in the eyes and say, “I am so glad Jesus put you here!” We give thanks for Dr. Russell Human, ......

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