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Nov 2021

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the many blessings I give thanks for in 2021 is YOU! It is a joy to serve alongside the amazing people of Northeast Oklahoma. You are doing more good than you realize! You are loved and appreciated! Dave McKellips The Quarter-Time Church Member: Five Observations by Thom S. Rainer, Founder & CEO, Church Answers If your church is typical, over one-half of your members attend one out of four weeks or less. I am convinced that the decreasing commitment of church members to their local churches is one of the greatest problems in our culture today. More than polarized politics. More than petty social media. More than the divisions related to a pandemic. You see, healthy churches are positive forces in culture and communities. They serve and love others. They unite families. They communicate the gospel, where one finds true hope and peace. But when church......

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