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Oct 2022
NEO Team Update 10-10-22

Dear NEO family, I appreciate so much the District Advisory Board encouraging Gloria and me to have a sabbatical of rest and renewal . I have lots of material for reading and discussion with Gloria. I am going to try to disconnect from the work I love in NEO. Thanks for your prayers and support, and we will see you soon! Let me leave you with some insights shared by Jane Overstreet from her book, Unleader. She offers up six traits she discovered in the old biblical stories that distinguish the Davids – the “unleaders” – from the Sauls. Fear God more than you fear people. What helps you make decisions as a leader? There are always things driving you. In Saul’s context, oftentimes it was fear of what people thought. For David, it was always about what God thought. (For the remaining five traits, click here.) Pastors’ “I......

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