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Nov 2022
NEO Team Update 11-10-22

5 Prescriptions for Building Thriving Churches By Kevin Harney, August 25, 2022 How we can bring life and health to our church and community I do not consider myself a prophet or a futurist. I am a local church pastor who longs to see the good news of Jesus permeate the church and transform our world from this day until Jesus comes again. As I focus on the future of the church, I write with humility and hope. These five reflections are not meant to be predictive but optimistically prescriptive. I have a suspicion that our changing world needs a church that will look both the same and very different from the church of the past. My prayer is that these reflections help you dream and work toward a future where the spread of the gospel actually increases and expands in the church and the community around us. READ MORE New Arrival......

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