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Dec 2022
NEO Team Update 12-15-22

Sunday I saw this “We are better TOGETHER” sign on the platform of our Hominy Church. But even better, I saw evidence of the truth of this as I visited three of our churches that day! It started at the 9am service at Tulsa Audacity Church. Pastor Ronnie Baker didn’t know I would be there, but he shared a video about Abba Ministries, one of the District Compassionate Ministry Centers, in the service. He highlighted the church’s giving to others, including Abba, World Evangelism Fund, Pensions and Benefits, Southern Nazarene University, and NEO District. He told of the church’s goal to give more than 20% of all they take in to others in the year ahead! Aren’t you thankful that our newer churches understand the importance of our connection! We are better together. It continued as I surprised Pastor Carl Brown and the Hominy Church by joining them for......

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