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Jan 2023
NEO Team Update 1-5-23

Exchanged Life Prayer Years ago, Mainstay Ministries introduced me to “The Exchanged Life Prayer”. As a part of a 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, participants were encouraged to pray these words at least daily for 50 Days. I found the practice extremely practical and helpful and have returned to the prayer over the years. Probably around a decade ago, we used this prayer across the district as a part of our Radical Together 40 day emphasis. I am pulling the prayer out to use personally during the month of January. I would encourage you to join me in using it to offer yourself to God as a living sacrifice to use as God desires, in awe of what the prayer affirms at the conclusion, “that the Creator/Lord of the universe now chooses to accomplish much of his work through people like me. Indwelling Christ– I consciously present my body to you to......

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