Zone Coaches

Zone Coaches in Northeast Oklahoma

The NEO Zone Coaches exist to advance the Kingdom of God by strengthening the ministers and their families and by facilitating effective missional local church ministries.

Northeast Zone:

Casey Hollingsworth
Dan Hazelton

Southeast Zone:

Monty Nichols
Rebecca Jones

Hispanic Zone:

Otoneil Dannemann
Georgina Lopez

Tulsa Zone:

Steven Lester

Southwest Zone:

Steve Davis
Keith Cole

Northwest Zone:

Russel Hosey
Carl Brown

Responsibilities include:

Community:  To facilitate fellowship and camaraderie among pastors and their families
1.  To create activities that minister to the needs of pastors, their spouses, and their children.
2.  To bolster morale among the ministers serving in that zone.
3.  To welcome new pastors to the zone and assist in their integration into the district family.
4.  To consider organizing a zone ordination celebration in honor of new ordinands.
5.  To shepherd the shepherds on the zone.

Mission:   To facilitate strategies in local churches and on the zone to advance the cause of Christ and mission of the church. Offer skill training, develop character, challenge specifically, celebrate wins.

Corporation:  Upon the request of the District Superintendent and/or Advisory Board, to fulfill specific assignments on their behalf.  These could include:
1.  Conduct the board meeting following a pastoral resignation to care for transition details, if the District Superintendent is unable to attend.
2.  Facilitate the local church interview of a pastoral candidate, if the District Superintendent is unable to attend.
3.  Conduct the installation service of a new pastor, if the District Superintendent is unable to attend.
4.  Annual visits on behalf of the District Superintendent.
5.  Organize new congregations, if the District Superintendent is unable to attend.
6.  Assist in local church conflict resolution at the request of the District Superintendent.
7.  Assist in self-studies, church board retreats, leadership development, etc. as requested by local churches.

Communication:  To facilitate communication between the churches and the district.