NEO Team Update 1-18-18

NEO Team Update 1-18-18

This Update Includes

-Service planned to seek racial healing and reconciliation

-A pastor and spouse celebrating 50 years of marriage!

-Winter retreat for youth

-Ignite Service for spiritual renewal

-Affordable training for those who work with children

A year and a half ago, Unite My City hosted a breakfast for pastors which was designed to start the conversation regarding racial reconciliation.  Tulsa Hills Pastor, Jim Thornton, met another Pastor there by the name of Marcus Howard.  During that breakfast, their hearts just connected and they began meeting together.

Since then, they have shared a combined service last June and have continued to foster this relationship.  Last October, Pastor Jim sensed God’s leading to have a combined service with about 4 other churches.  The purpose – seeking God’s healing for our churches and community.

NEO District Event

February 18

A survey of over 800 Nazarene clergy entitled, “A Study of Clergy Preparation,” reported the following in a 2017 Estes Park Consultation:

-Participants rated themselves in 17 different areas of ministry

-Categories ranged from “very well prepared” to “not well prepared”

-Among ordained clergy, the area ranking lowest, at number 17 was “Leading the Church in Evangelism”

We are addressing that need in NEO by resourcing pastors to lead their churches in evangelism. The methodology we use is Organic Outreach. OO is designed to infuse evangelistic passion and practice into the DNA of local congregations. A cohort will soon be started for pastors of churches serious about utilizing these principles. And PALCON this summer will provide an intensive training for pastors in attendance.

Of course, if a church has a better way to keep the fires of evangelism kindled, use it… and pass on your insights so we can learn from you.  God, help us build outreach-oriented churches!

Other Church News

Muskogee First Church Pastor Monty Nichols is currently on a six-week sabbatical provided by the church. We applaud this church for caring for their pastors health and longevity in ministry!

I recently met with Pastor Jason Isaacs and the leadership team of Kaleo Church for a very positive two-year review. God has brought together an amazing team of leaders committed to evangelism, discipleship and community development in North Tulsa.

Country Faith is sprucing up their new facility on Hwy 177 north of Jacktown and preparing to begin using it soon. This building is a true gift of God to this faithful group of believers.

Mannford Grace Family Worship Center is planning a service on Sunday, Feb. 25, 4pm to celebrate the radical new makeover of their worship center. Former pastor, Curtis Martin, and the people of Mannford have done an amazing job.

Tulsa Central is hosting a revival with Evangelist Mike Adams and Song Evangelist Brian Arner on Sunday, Jan. 28 – Wednesday, Jan. 31. All are welcome.

Collingsworth Family Concert

Tulsa Central – March 22, 7pm