NEO Team Update 1-29-18

NEO Team Update 1-29-18

This Update Includes

– SCATTER, our mission

– fio imago dei, NYI Winter Retreat

– IGNITE, service for spiritual renewal Feb. 18

– SPARK, equipping children’s workers

– Marriage Detox, Feb. 23 and 24



A pastor was determined to get his congregation more outward-focused and to encourage them to share their stories outside the walls of the church. He designed a simple process that encouraged his folks to share their faith stories with others.


First, he taped a piece of butcher paper on one of the walls of the sanctuary (pretty fancy, right?). Second, he made felt pens available to use by the butcher paper. Third, he told his congregation that every time they performed an act of kindness in Jesus’s name or prayed for someone’s need (this prayer was not one of silence but done with the permission of the one being prayed for) or simply shared with someone their faith story, they were to place a mark on the butcher paper the following Sunday. Fourth, if they had thirty marks in any given month, they would have cake (who does not like cake?).


They did this for a year. They had cake every month. This exercise provided a foundation to build on for further effective evangelism.


What does your church do to encourage people to reach out to those in their sphere of influence?

NYI Winter Retreat



Youth and leaders from Northeast and Southwest Oklahoma gathered at New Life Ranch last weekend for a great NYI retreat. Thank you to all our leaders and parents who invest in this time of spiritual enrichment, bonding, and fun memories for our youth.

NEO Spiritual Renewal – February 18

CBE — We will read together June 17 – August 12

Unite Your Church, O Lord

Northeast Oklahoma has been blessed from recent community services seeking revival and reconciliation.

Tulsa Hills Church hosted a combined service on January 21 with a few other area churches for the purpose of seeking God’s healing for our churches and community.

Pastor Steve Davis recently participated in a celebration service at Cathedral of Love in Sapulpa.

Revival at Central Church

January 28 – 31

One Voice – Citywide Prayer & Worship Experience

at Southern Hills Baptist Church – February 11,  6pm

Collingsworth Family Concert

at Tulsa Central – March 22, 7pm