NEO Team Update 1-5-23

NEO Team Update 1-5-23

Exchanged Life Prayer

Years ago, Mainstay Ministries introduced me to “The Exchanged Life Prayer”. As a part of a 50-Day Spiritual Adventure, participants were encouraged to pray these words at least daily for 50 Days. I found the practice extremely practical and helpful and have returned to the prayer over the years. Probably around a decade ago, we used this prayer across the district as a part of our Radical Together 40 day emphasis.

I am pulling the prayer out to use personally during the month of January. I would encourage you to join me in using it to offer yourself to God as a living sacrifice to use as God desires, in awe of what the prayer affirms at the conclusion, “that the Creator/Lord of the universe now chooses to accomplish much of his work through people like me.

Indwelling Christ–

I consciously present my body to you to use this day as you desire.

If you need ears to listen to another’s pain, mine are available for your use. Should you desire to speak a word of comfort or challenge to someone, I offer my mouth to you for that service.

My hands, my legs, my skills, resources can all be called upon whenever you like. Expect my immediate response to be positive. I am purposely offering you all of who I am as a living sacrifice.

For this exchange to work, I realize it is important that I think the way you think. Renew my mind in your ways through your Holy Word. Help me more and more to know what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Reprogram my conscience. No longer let it be conformed to the promptings of this world. Through a continuing process of transformation, make it sensitive to your communing.

It is with joy that I make this offer to you of myself. It affords me great pleasure to realize that the Creator/Lord of the universe now chooses to accomplish much of his work through people like me.


District News

Please lift up Pastor Tim Odom and the staff and congregation of Collinsville CON. On Christmas Day they had water lines burst and had major flooding through most of the church!

Muskogee First also had water lines burst on Christmas Eve, but they were at the building and able to deal with the problem with minimal damage.

Ashlee Baker (Tulsa Audacity), Carly Karnes (Skiatook) and Ron Biddle (Bristow) all had successful surgery at the end of 2022 – PTL!

Gloria McKellips has her first knee replacement scheduled for Jan. 11.

Pastor Brad Coates was installed as Pastor of Drumright Church on January 1. We are so delighted to have Pastor Brad and Kim serving at Drumright. We hope to assist the church in some repairs to the parsonage so they can move to Drumright in the next 30-60 days.


Friday, January 27th  /  1:00 – 7:00pm

Identifying how God wants to use us can be a process. It’s easy to forget in a performance-driven culture that we have value beyond what we can do. Who we’re becoming is what determines our impact, and that’s what really matters.

At this year’s conference, we’ll explore our gifts, our true value, and how to look forward to the future with hope and expectation. Together, we’ll be inspired to define, discover, chase down, and live out our God-given purpose.

During this one-day conference for high school junior and senior girls, you’ll experience guest speakers from diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives. We’ll lead you through a hand-lettering workshop to challenge your creativity, and you’ll meet like-minded friends. We hope you’ll join us!

We anticipate close to 250 attending!