NEO Team Update 10-19-20

NEO Team Update 10-19-20

Pastors, We Love You

Excerpt from the letter of the Board of General Superintendents to pastors and leaders on Oct. 16

Love one another. It is this love that should define the Christian community. This is the month of October and the time that we celebrate pastor appreciation. I think that holy love ought to be seen in the ways in which we love and appreciate our pastors.

This year has probably been the most challenging year in ministry that our pastors have ever faced. In a brief period of time, everything about how we “do” church changed. Our pastors had to learn how to minister without getting to see their congregations face to face. Week after week, they have had to preach into a camera lens, wondering whether God was using them to touch the lives of their people. Even as we have gathered again in worship, your pastors have looked out into a sea of masks and eyes. Our pastors wonder, “are the people smiling?” “are they tracking my message?” And then, for those who have been able to open their buildings, there are only 30-40% of their congregations in attendance, leaving pastors wondering whether people will ever come back. Many pastors are tired, worn out, and not sure what to do next.

Love one another. This is a good message for us this month as we reach out and love and appreciate our pastors. Church, I’m going to ask you to love on your pastors. Call them up and tell them how much you appreciate them. Shower them with cards. Give them a love offering. They are doing their best to get through 2020!

Pastors — and every member of the clergy — you are loved and appreciated. Thank you for what you are doing for God’s kingdom in the year 2020!

Church/Pastor Updates

Congratulations to Southwest Church and Pastor Wayde Normandin and Pryor Church and Pastor Dan Hazelton. Both churches recently completed very positive church/pastor reviews. It is always a joy to see churches united in mission!

Pastor Scott Dermer and Central Church have recently hired a new youth pastor, Pastor Desireé Ferring. Pastor Ferring and her husband, Jeremy, and their children, Brooke (15) and Tristan (11), will arrive at in mid-November. Help us welcome this new member of the NEO Team!

The Organic Outreach Team invites you to a free web-based gathering with church and outreach leaders from around the world. Fan the Flames! Increasing the Outreach Temperature in Your Life, Leaders, and Church will be held on Nov. 5, 9am. We live in rapidly changing times and everyone is feeling the weight of all that is happening in our world. The goal of this gathering is to refresh your soul, encourage your leaders, and strengthen your church so that you can reach out with God’s love in fresh and powerful ways.  Register here.








The Board of Trustees of Southern Nazarene University recently met virtually to conduct its Fall business meetings. A highlight of the plenary session was the re-election of Dr. Keith Newman as president of SNU.

Board Chair, Dr. Terry Rowland, reported the continuation of Dr. Newman’s leadership, saying, “It’s with great joy I announce that we have unanimously re-elected Dr. Keith Newman to a five-year term.” “During our intensive vetting process three and one-half years ago, we felt the leadership of the Holy Spirit guiding us to Dr. Newman, and these years have indeed proven to be divinely led,” he stated.

In casting their vote of confidence, the Trustees noted that Dr. Newman had shown extreme sensitivity, strong spiritual guidance and great wisdom in his leadership, especially during this year of crisis, and fully trusted that these qualities would continue to be evidenced in him, regardless of what may take place in the future.

From President Newman: “SNU’s mission to make Christlike disciples remains our priority. I am grateful for the continued privilege of serving with a community so committed to a purposefully different educational experience. Character, Culture, and Christ is much more than our motto, it is our calling.”

Dr. Rowland concluded, “Let’s join together in prayer for our beloved Southern Nazarene University and for Dr. Keith Newman, asking God for His blessing on him as he leads.”

RSVP for the lunch to Regency (918-663-9717) by October 19. Cards may be sent to Regency Park Church of the Nazarene, 8707 E 51st St. Tulsa, OK 74145