NEO Team Update 10-29-20

NEO Team Update 10-29-20

Jesus Is Building His Church

Mark Bane, USA/Canada Director of Evangelism/New Starts

It seems the topic of most conversations, news shows, articles and books in the past eight months have been COVID-19 related, and for good reason. As I was praying this morning for our church and your leadership, I was directed to a passage. Occasionally I read various translations to get a comprehensive view of perspectives on a text. This one from the Jerusalem Bible helped today and I pray it encourages you as well. Matthew 16:18b, “I will build my Church. And the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it.” JB

A few thoughts that encouraged me as I read:

  1. He will build His Church: Although these are challenging times, there have been much worse times and He built His Church in those times. Tertullian reminded the Church, “the blood of the Martyrs was the seed of the Church.” He is building His Church now as well.

-Your leadership has resulted in registering 86 new churches during the worst days for the Church in our lifetime. Jesus is building His Church!

-Your concern for urban and ethnic minorities (because of the heightened racial unrest) has been encouraging in these days. I believe the result will again be the building of His Church in areas we might have otherwise overlooked. Jesus is building His Church!

-Many districts requesting evangelism and church planting training emphasizes that the mission is burning in your hearts even in the midst of the challenging times. Jesus is building His Church!

-Studies on USA churches are showing things are not as bad as some thought for the church. The “Lake Institute on Faith and Giving” study (you can access it through the link here) reports some encouraging trends. Jesus is building His Church in the United States!

-After an extensive conversation with Ian Fitzpatrick, he confirms, “key findings in the Lake Institute study (that apply) are basically consistent with the Canadian Church, with one exception. The Canadian Nazarenes report only about a 3% decline in giving over this pandemic.” Praise God, Jesus is building His Church in Canada!

  1. All the powers of darkness will not be able to hold her back, regardless how severe. 

-Conversations with Christians are including more time of prayer than ever before. Intensified prayer can only bring the Spirit closer and expand His kingdom. Jesus is building His Church!

-We are receiving more and more requests for House Church Planting. I believe this is a result of the COVID-19 lock downs and leaders are finding more and more ways to build His kingdom in safer spaces. Jesus is building His Church!

I believe the Genesis 50:20 principle is working in the midst of the pandemic, as it did in Joseph’s day. You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” NIV

Jesus is building His Church!

Jesus is Building His Church among Hispanics in NEO

Dave McKellips, District Superintendent

Last Saturday evening I met with our Hispanic Pastors to provide mutual encouragement and support. The challenges during this pandemic are real – our Hispanic community has faced a higher level of coronavirus sickness and financial loss during this season than the population as a whole. The pastors were honest about times of discouragement and attack. Attendance and giving have been down. But there was also a spirit of praise and expectation. Roca de Salvacion reported 12 baptisms during this season and Fe y Esperanza reported 6. And new people are being reached. Thanks be to God who is building His Church!

We have an amazing group of Hispanic pastors. Let’s remember them in prayer during this season:

  • Otoniel Dannemann, Hispanic Coordinator and Tulsa Fuente de Vida
  • Deniys Paz, Broken Arrow Iglesia
  • Nain and Yanira Canceres, Claremore El Buen Pastor
  • Fabian Correa, Owasso Silver Creek Iglesia and Cielos Abiertos
  • Clemente and Maria-Luisa Montoya, Fe y Esperanza
  • Arturo Amaro, Tulsa Gethsemane
  • Yalmi and Norma Izaguirre, Tulsa Roca de Salvacion
  • Jorge Arellano, Tulsa Central Hispanic

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Looking ahead to the 2021 VBS – The Journey of Grace!

In 2021, the Church of the Nazarene’s VBS will invite children to follow in the footsteps of a girl named Grace as she embarks on a journey that is open to everyone but few are brave enough to take. More information will follow in the next edition of SDMI Connections!

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