NEO Team Update 10-4-18

NEO Team Update 10-4-18

“How about those Chiefs?” This was the greeting on my voicemail on Tuesday morning. The KC Chiefs had defeated the Denver Broncos the night before and my Dad was calling from his rehab center to rejoice in the win. Many of us will be greeting one another with “Boomer…Sooner” as we get ready for a Cotton Bowl win against Texas (I sure hope I don’t have to eat these words!). The truth is, when we are zealous about something, when we really love it, we talk about it. We invite others to experience it. We want to share the joy.

Why is it that we can be more enthusiastic about a football team, a new restaurant or a new TV show that we are about Jesus? Almost a year ago, Kevin and Sherry Harney came to our District to help us learn to share our passion for God naturally. A year later, we should do a spiritual check on our hearts and the heart of our congregations. In Organic Outreach for Churches, Kevin Harney says the three foundations of organic outreach are loving God, loving the church and loving the world. When we want to assess how we are doing, we need to begin with the foundation. How are we doing with these foundational truths of God’s Word? Which needs our focus for the next 12 months for us to become “grace-bearers”?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the strongest, where are each of these audiences in your church in terms of fully embracing each of the key foundational pieces of a healthy operating system?

  • Pastors, the matrix below could help you create a “heat-map” which will help you in developing a strategic plan for the next twelve months to shore up the weakest areas of your foundation.
  • Pastors, have each of your board members and ministry leaders do the same and discuss where there are significant differences and where there are similarities.
  • Work to achieve consensus in the top area to work on for each audience.

You are the kind of person God wants to use to bring his love and grace and the message of His Son to the world!


Dave McKellips

Signs of Renewal


Pastor Jim Thornton reported, “A great day of celebration at Tulsa Hills last Sunday. 5 people were baptized and 11 people joined the church, all by profession of faith. Five of the new members are part of our new ministry to the 20 something age group.”


Pastor Steven Lester reports, “A revival is breaking out with our youth group. Many of them were at the altar Sunday seeking God.”


Pastor Otoniel Dannemann reported, “We started a new Bible study in a home and our first attendance was 17, and 2 decided to receive Jesus as their personal Savior!”


Pastor David Stevens reports, “A couple who have been attending came to me and told me they feel like the Lord wanted them to get baptized. It was a joyous Sunday!”


Transitions/Prayer Requests


We are sad to announce that Monty and Sharon Nichols are moving to Mississippi within the month. Monty has served as Lead Pastor at Muskogee First Church since 2011 and he and Sharon are deeply loved in Muskogee and across the district. Monty has served in many roles on the District over the years and is now on the District Advisory Board, where he serves as DAB Secretary. A farewell is being planned at Muskogee First on October 14. Sharon will be taking a new job as State Director for Mississippi Small Business Development Center.


Paul Stubbs, retired elder, is home and on hospice care. Paul has been a valiant warrior as he has battled with lung disease, continuing to preach and share about his Lord as long as Jesus gives him breath. Continue to lift Paul and Ann up in prayer.


Alicia Davis (Abba Center) had Pancreatitis due to gall stones and had her gall bladder removed on October 3. Pray for Buddy and Alicia during this time of healing and recuperation.


Julie Heid (Dewey) is rejoicing over God’s care for her father, Floyd Walker. Facing what looked like a risky heart surgery, the doctor was able to successfully put in three stints in his heart and avoid by-pass surgery.


I have appointed Jim Johnson as Pastor of the Barnsdall Church effective October 1. Pastor Jim and Jan served this church before for 8 years and we are thrilled to have them returning.


The Global Alliance for Israel is proud to present the first ever Israel Conference, which will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sunday, October 14, 2018. Christians from all over America with a love for Israel will come together for one powerful day in a show of faith and support for Israel. The conference will educate, connect, and inspire those who stand by Israel at such a time as this.


Presenters at the Israel conference will speak on the critical issues facing Israel today. Jewish and Christian, American and Israeli, these esteemed leaders will share their knowledge and faith on the important events unfolding in our times. Modern Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, and you have a role to play in it. Whether you know a little or a lot about Israel, if you have a heart for Zion, this event is for you.


The Israel Conference; where faith and knowledge come together to inspire meaningful action.


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Raising Highly Capable Kids – Vision Meeting

at Regency Park Church – October 29 – 7pm

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January 25-26, 2019

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