NEO Team Update 12-14-17

NEO Team Update 12-14-17

May your Christmas be blessed with peace, joy, hope and love!

From your NEO District Office Staff,

Dr. Dave and Gloria McKellips, Marla Shepherd and Sharon Gunter

On the way home from church, a little girl asked her Mom, “Mommy, the pastor said that God is bigger than we are, is that true?” The mother affirmed that it was true. “He also said that God lives in us, is that true?,” asked the child. Her mom answered, “Yes, that’s right.” A bit puzzled, the little girl then asked, “Well, if God is bigger than us and lives in us, won’t He show-through?” That’s a question that only you and I can answer. Does He show-through in you?

New Year’s Eve Party is at Tulsa Central

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