NEO Team Update 2-28-19

NEO Team Update 2-28-19

Should You Invite People to Church?

Perhaps we should stop encouraging people to just invite friends and neighbors to church.  When delivered without intentionality, these generic invitations become just as flat and shallow as the following exchange with the checker at the grocery store:

“How are you and how was your weekend?”
“I’m fine and it was great. How was yours?”
“Mine was great as well. Thanks.”

How many times have you had exactly this exchange or something similar to it?  This is the epitome of platitude – words with no substance. Generic invitations to church can end up being just as emptily received and responded to.

Imagine instead, that you were tuned in to the upcoming sermon topics. And, similarly, you were tuned into the relationships you have with the non-Christians in your life. Tuned in to the extent that you could actually recognize specific sermon topics that would resonate with specific people. Now, instead of offering a generic invitation for someone to attend your church, you could say “Hey Gloria, I know how much you have been struggling with/challenged by/encouraged by/thinking about __________.  I wanted to let you know that in three weeks there will be a message at our church specifically on the topic of _________. I know that you usually don’t go to church, but I would love to have you join me that week if you are available.”

In going from the typical generic invitation to this approach you accomplish two absolutely profound things.  First, you demonstrate to them that you truly are paying attention to what is happening in their lives and that you care about them.  Second, you affirm that you care enough about them to look for opportunities to support and encourage them. On your part, this is no longer a standard “just get them to come to church” plan – it is an all-out intentional strategy to show them how much you love them and – subsequently – how much Jesus loves them.

The First Step in Changing the World…

Jeremiah Bolich  shared in a recent revival at Tulsa Central: “The first step in changing the world is loving the world. … The church has to get to the place where they have the weight of God on them for their community. This is the thing that will unite us…. We have to move from being motivated by ‘what benefits me’ to ‘what am I willing to do to reach this community?’ …  Some people who love God have lost all contact with the broken world.”

Steve Epp Still Carrying the Cross

Steve Epp, member of Pryor Redemption House of Prayer, continues to walk the streets of America to share the message of Christ. We love you, Steve and Saundra.

Steve & Saundra Epp

SNU Basketball Teams Excelling

Southern Nazarene University Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams have both qualified for the Great American Conference Championship to be held in Bartlesville, OK on March 7–10. The Men’s team is the #1 seed in the tournament, currently ranked #6 in the NCAA Division 2 Central Region, and will play first on Thursday, March 7 at 8pm. The time for the SNU women’s game is not yet set. Let’s support our school as they come to NEO to play.

More Revivals

Claremore Spiritual Renewal Weekend with Susie Shellenberger March 29-31

Cushing/Drumright Revival with Marcus Whitworth March 31 – April 3

Sunday, March 31

9 AM – Cushing

10:30 AM – Drumright

7 PM – Cushing

 Monday, April 1

7 PM – Drumright

 Tuesday, April 2

7 PM – Cushing

Wednesday, April 3

7 PM – Drumright