NEO Team Update 2-8-18

NEO Team Update 2-8-18

This Update Includes

 – SCATTER, Does something need to be changed?

– IGNITE, Service for spiritual renewal Feb. 18


– SPARK, Equipping children’s worker

– News from across the District

– Marriage Detox, Feb. 23 and 24


Are you satisfied with the evangelistic passion and fruit in your church? If not, don’t you think something needs to be changed?

Dick Vermeil became head coach of the St. Louis Rams in 1997 after a fifteen-year absence from all of coaching. He was infamous for 3- to 4-hour practices in full pads every day of the week. He worked his players so hard that before one game in 1998 against the Bears, the entire team had a meeting about whether they should even play! They had 9 wins in 2 years. So, he changed… He cut down practices to 1.5 hours no matter the situation and made sure his players were fresh heading into Sunday. They won the Super Bowl in 1999.

Those three words, so, he changed, are huge if you desire effective evangelism. What Coach Vermeil was doing was not working, so he changed. You need to regularly evaluate your evangelistic methods. How are you keeping the story fresh? How are you communicating the gospel? How do you determine if people understand the gospel? How are you equipping your church to be the gospel? If what you are doing is not working, then change!  (from Building the Body, p. 43-44)

It is always a delight when Nazarenes and friends from across Northeast Oklahoma gather together to worship and pursue God. A passion for revival and renewal is in our DNA. We know that requires making space for God to encourage, correct, challenge, equip and transform us. Join us on Feb. 18 as we ask God to ignite our passion for Him, His Word and His Mission.






Extravaganza early bird deadline is February 9, 2018.  After this date the price will go up from $45 to $55.  Please get your teenagers registered ASAP!  We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend and we want to see everyone there. The dates for Extravaganza are March 15-17, 2018. Go to to register.  Contact Ryan Amey with any questions.









News across the District

NEO will once again have a Skate Party during the week of Spring Break, March 21, 6pm–8pm.

Mannford Grace Family House of Worship will have a celebration and re-dedication of their facilities on Sunday, Feb. 25, 4pm. Come see the total makeover and celebrate with us what God has done.

Our sympathy to Pam Hoppe on the passing of Rev. Bob Hoppe. Bob served as pastor of our Glenpool Church from 1992–1998.

Henry and Bess Reed are stepping down from pastoral leadership at Cushing Church. Pastor Henry has served with distinction as interim pastor for 1 ½ years!

The Collingsworth Family is coming to Tulsa Central on March 22. Count your blessings if you have a ticket because it is SOLD OUT!

Those seeking credentials for ministry will be interviewed on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Pray for our Ministerial Development Board as they help to evaluate and encourage those called.

Our next Pastors’ Forum will be on Monday, March 5. As a bonus, that afternoon from 1:30pm–4:00pm we will have a free session on Church Security. Lay leaders are welcome to join us at SNU.

I highly recommend the Community Bible Experience resources. The Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation was deeply impacted as we utilized this valuable tool through an entire calendar year.

—Jim Cymbala, Pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle Church

The Community Bible Experience will reignite your church’s passion for the Scriptures and help them develop a life-long habit of Bible reading. It’s less like a Bible study and more like a book club. Everyone will feel welcome no matter how much (or little) of the Bible they have already read. The materials provided are designed to facilitate meaningful discussion.

Coming to NEO…  June 17 – August 12





One Voice

Citywide Prayer & Worship Experience

at Southern Hills Baptist Church

February 11,  6pm