NEO Team Update 3-21-19

NEO Team Update 3-21-19

Getting a Team to Self-Destruct
by Eric Geiger

A team that fights with itself wastes an incredible amount of time and energy. When a team or church or group fights, everyone loses. Energy is stewarded away from what is most important and given to tearing one another apart. Instead of rallying in the same direction around the same mission and values, time is diverted toward backbiting, politics and watching your back. Thus, a team that is divided will rarely accomplish the mission they say they have embraced. Their lack of trust slows them down and corrupts their culture. A lack of trust will crush the effectiveness of a team.

Here is an example from the sports world. Hang with me if you are not a sports fan because it is a great example…

Kobe Bryant is known as one of the most ruthless competitors to play basketball. Not only was he extremely talented and athletic, but he also excelled at studying the game and knowing how to get into opposing players’ heads to throw them off their game. He knew how to get a team to self-destruct. He confessed that when the Lakers played a team with a guy who was playing hard to get a max contract the next year and a guy who already had the max contract, they would put extra pressure on the player who was working hard for his contract. The player who was struggling in the game would then complain against the player with the max contract. Kobe said, at that point, “We would watch them divide each other.” And Kobe knew a divided team would not be able to win.

Our enemy, Satan, who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour, is more ruthless and more skilled than Kobe. And our enemy deploys the same tactics. He longs to divide God’s people. If we fight with one another, we don’t focus on our mission. If we fight over things that don’t matter, what really matters gets less focus and attention.

A team that fights with each other is never a team that fights for a great mission. Instead, it is a team that self-destructs.

From Dave McKellips: I love the way I see the NEO team and churches pulling together week after week! We are better together! Who on your team can you call, text or write today to provide encouragement and support! You are loved!

February Pastors’ Reports

I Want to Celebrate. . . 

Cary Tipton, Mannford Grace Family Worship Center. . . We had 32 in attendance last Wednesday for new marriage class.

Mark Smith, Drumright. . . A 13 year old accepted Jesus as her Lord and savior. She testified on the following Sunday.

David Stevens, Vinita. . . Our faithful, consistent people are an inspiration to me. They are a living testimony. One family owns a clothing-printing business and they have a policy of only printing positive messages. It is their way of living for Christ. Also, I am thankful for a praying Church! God is answering our prayers and helping with illnesses, cancer, financial situations and relationships.

Bret Metcalfe, Claremore. . . The local FFA group worshiped and shared a meal with us one Sunday. Because people seem to be earnestly seeking more of God through His Word, we have started a new in-depth Bible study/discipleship class on Thursday evenings.

Austin Troyer, Tahlequah. . . We started the month off with a Teen Group lock-in which God has used to spark new life in our teen ministries. We had great services throughout the month in which the Spirit moved in mighty ways. We ended the month in raising about $900 for Habitat for Humanity! God is doing great work.

Ronnie Baker, Tulsa Audacity. . . We had a successful kids’ event this month at Sky Zone. Launching our Youth Night this month has been successful with an average of 10 teenagers.  We had guests at all services this month, with the exception of Valentine’s Day!

Otoniel Dannemann, Tulsa Fuente de Vida. . . We had an Evangelistic Campaign and we have 8 new believers.

Yalmi & Norma Izaguirre, Tulsa Regency Iglesia. . . God is blessing us with good attendance.

Brian Loderhose, Owasso Silver Creek. . . We had a great time with Philip and Katie Rodebush Wednesday night. Many braved the threat of ice and came out. We also stuffed over 3,000 Jesus Film packets during the Super Bowl.

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