NEO Team Update 3-29-18

NEO Team Update 3-29-18

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NEO Skate Party

Collingsworth Family Concert

Okmulgee Baptism of 4 men

Farewell Reception for Pastor Steve Davis, Sapulpa

God Specializes in Using People Like You!

Recently, my friend Scott Sherwood wrote the following entitled, “Not Too Old”:

Mark is a young husband, father, and a part-time pastoral staff member at his church. Five years ago, he and his wife did not attend church. He was invited to church by an older man in his 70’s during a chance encounter at the local Applebee’s.

Enoch, a young construction contractor, had dropped out of church. When he returned to church, he was discipled using Chic Shaver’s Basic Bible Studies by an older man in his 70’s who would later stand up as Best Man at this young man’s wedding.

Terry made a decision to follow Christ for the first time in his life after his wife died way too young. He reached out to his former 6th grade teacher who was now retired and, you guessed it, in his 70’s. This retired public school teacher led Terry to the Lord and then led him through basic Bible studies.

What do these three younger men have in common? The same older retired school teacher with no ministerial credential played the role of soul winner and disciple in each of their lives. Do we have to be young in order to win young people? Don’t suggest that to John P. Sherwood. He doesn’t know any better. I am praying for God to help raise up an army just as oblivious as him! (The older man is Scott’s father, John Sherwood.)

Who does God want you to invite to Easter Sunday services?

How can you display his Love to a needy world?

 Be a Part of the Miracle

We have recently celebrated the amazing new facilities that God has provided for Mannford and Country Faith. Now we have a chance to share in the miraculous provision of facilities for our Bristow Church. Our District Advisory Board is asking our churches to consider taking an “Offering of Encouragement” during the month of April. See Pastor Anthony Beville’s video.

Jerry Wilburg, Facilities Board Chairman, says: From my perspective, this is nothing but a good thing for this church, more modern facility, all on one level, paved parking, and visibility on a major traffic street in Bristow.  This could be like a new start for them in many ways.

Upcoming Events


NEO District Advance June 2-4, 2018

Locker Room Men’s Event April 27

NEO Community Bible Experience June 17 – August 11

Read Big. Read Real. Read Together.

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