NEO Team Update 3-8-18

NEO Team Update 3-8-18

In This Issue

  • Mind Shifts that Unlock Outreach Potential
  • Monthly reports from our churches
  • Extravaganza – why do 1000 teens gather at SNU?
  • Info on NEO Skate Party, Locker Room for Men and Primetimers’ upcoming Trip to Branson

Mind Shifts that Unlock Outreach Potential: From Us to Them

This week I was reminded that negative attitudes and ways of thinking can block evangelistic activity and prevent a church from taking the good news to its community. One mind shift that is needed in some churches is the switch “from us to them”.

Have you heard people in your church say, “Pastor, what about us? Don’t forget about us!” Kevin Harney says, “The problem is that far too many Christians believe the church exists first and foremost for them. They might not always say it, but deep inside they think the real purpose of the church is to meet their needs, provide services they like, take care of their families, and offer programs they enjoy. When a church begins to invest more of its time, energy and money into reaching people outside of the church, watch out! An ugly, self-centered attitude can raise its head and roar at you.”

Growing believers and reaching your community are not opposed to each other. We need to do both. But the church is crippled when it believes it exists just for us (the people already in God’s family) and not also for them (the people who still need to encounter Jesus’ saving grace). May God help the churches of NEO invest in people far from God!

Our Vision

– Every person waking up each morning praying, “God, anyway you can use me today, I’m available!”

– Every family a beacon of God’s love.

– Every church a mission center.

Reports of Salvations and Baptisms

January Salvations

Broken Arrow Core – 4

Broken Arrow First – 1

Chelsea – 1

Collinsville – 2

Drumright – 1

Tulsa Audacity – 2

Tulsa Central – 3

Tulsa Fuente de Vida – 4

Tulsa Hills – 2

January Baptisms

Claremore – 2

Claremore El Buen Pastor – 1

Tahlequah – 1

February Salvations

Broken Arrow Core – 1

Broken Arrow First – 1

Collinsville – 1

Tulsa Fuente de Vida – 4

Tulsa Cielos Abiertos – 1

February Baptisms

Tulsa Audacity – 3

I Want to Celebrate…


Melissa King, Chelsea. . . Celebrate Recovery is going well and many people’s lives are being changed. We just started a women’s 12-step with 10 ladies!

Steve Davis, Sapulpa. . . Our Church being able to participate in a Community anniversary of a local Church.

Austin Troyer, Tahlequah. . . Sunday, Jan. 7th, we baptized Lonnie Farmer! It is always a blessing to partner with God in the transformation of people’s lives. God has called Lonnie into his family, and Lonnie has answered! Praise the Lord.

Otoniel Dannemann, Tulsa Fuente de Vida. . . We praise the Lord because in this month 4 persons received Jesus in our church and in our Bible studies in our homes.

Yalmi & Norma Izaguirre, Tulsa Regency Iglesia. . . God is supporting us, praise the Lord. God is moving our church to commitment to share the Gospel in our community.

Casey Hollingsworth, Miami New Life. . . I love that I get to pastor a church that is open to doing “whatever it takes” to be the church Jesus desires for us to be. We had a “Connection Sunday” service this past Sunday which wasn’t our typical Sunday service. We met in our New Life Center around tables and had worship, fellowship, food, teaching, and fun! We wanted to take advantage of the limited time we have each week in order that we might connect (get to really know) with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We know we didn’t fully accomplish this goal, but we recognize that we took a step in the right direction. Can’t wait to see where Jesus leads us as we willingly follow Him!

David Stevens, Vinita. . . Thank God for His mercy and grace! We had a good month in spite of a weather Sunday. We are praying as a Church for new families. We will be using the Organic Outreach videos in a small-group setting.

Claude Guy, Mannford. . . Work days/nights are well attended as we are preparing for our newly remodeled Sanctuary dedication on Sunday evening February 25.  A Chili Dinner will begin at 4:00 p.m. followed by the Dedication Service in the Sanctuary. The meal is being prepared by our church families.  There is an open invitation for anyone who wishes to “Celebrate” with us.

Jason Isaacs, Tulsa Kaleo. . . God is good! Kaleo had a great month of January. We are learning what Love Can do in our new series and we had an AMAZING joint, bi-lingual service with our Hispanic brothers and sisters as we ended the month. God is good and he is moving at Kaleo Church.

Ronnie Baker, Tulsa Audacity. . . In January we launched a weekly Thursday Night Service. We focus on worship and prayer. We have had a good turnout and people are enjoying the time of intercession and worship. We had 2 people giver their lives to Jesus this month. And will be baptizing at least 2 people in February.


David Stevens, Vinita. . . The preaching and ministry theme this year is “To Lift up Christ”. Our people have responded positively. We started the Organic Outreach Videos on Sunday night and the small group discussion was enthusiastic. (Neighbors are invited to the study.) We continue to minister to some families who are mourning the loss of loved ones who were long-time members of our Church. God is helping them. Looking forward to the District gatherings in May/June.

Ronnie Baker, Tulsa Audacity. . . We baptized 3 people this month! We have 2 more waiting to be baptized. A prayer that I have been praying for over 2 years is finally seeing some fruit. We set a new record this Sunday with 12 Tulsa University students in service. Excited about the future and all that God is doing.

Mark Smith, Drumright. . . We celebrated five new members in the Drumright COTN on February 4, 2018.

Otoniel Dannemann. . . We had the pastoral review and had a blessed time with DS Dr. McKellips preaching at Fuente de Vida.

Melissa King, Chelsea. . . We have new speakers and our overhead projection has been set up. We are working to having an audio/visual booth. New people are coming to Celebrate Recovery each week. We will be supporting the Presbyterian Church who will be starting an AA group. We also are part of a prayer group that is being supported by 4 churches. We are looking forward to having more churches join.

Austin Troyer, Tahlequah. . . We have had a lot of people who have been struck with tragedy and hardship this month. Yet, God is faithful to give strength and comfort to those in need. We are so thankful that even in the dark valleys, God is there. And for that, we celebrate.

Brian Loderhose, Owasso Silver Creek. . . I want to celebrate that we got through the month of February. It was a tough month. Between weather and sickness, a lot of people were gone a lot of the time.

Jason Isaacs, Tulsa Kaleo. . . God is good! Kaleo had a great month of February. We finished our series on living a life of love and began to look at ways we worship in our new series! God is good and he is moving at Kaleo Church.