NEO Team Update 5-14-18

NEO Team Update 5-14-18

Congratulations to Graduates from our Clergy Families


Maiya Baker, Homeschool High School


Jerika Brown, Cleveland High School


Braden Heid, Kansas State University


Chandler Heid, Caney Valley High School


Cameron Madaffari, Skiatook High School


Morgan Marquis, Union High School


Owen Mueller, Homeschool High School and ICTC


Shelby Nichols, SNU


Kyler Ross, SNU


Peyton Ross, Broken Arrow High School


Saturday, June 2

8:00–9:00 am               Registration for Delegates / Café open for Coffee & Snacks

9:00 am–5:00pm         Summer Daze for kids  Birth thru Age 12

9:00–10:30 am             IGNITE Service w/ Roger Hahn

10:45–11:45 am            IGNITING a passion for Christ’s Mission w/ Chuck & Carla Sunberg

11:45am–12:45pm    Lunch – Chick-fil-a Box Meal (catered) Meal Worksheet-Delegates & Guests

Includes breakout sessions for SDMI, Children’s Workers, NYI Workers

1:00–2:00 pm              Workshop Session #1  Workshop Descriptions

NMI – Presidents – What Do We Do Next — David Stevens & Council

NYI – This is How We Do It — Various Youth Pastors

NYI – Students: Sharing your Faith with Others — Eric Hawkinson

SDMI/NYI – How to Understand the Bible — Roger Hahn

SDMI – Introduction to Love and Logic — Matt Angell

SDMI/NYI – NazSafe — Kathy Cott

HISP – Estrategias de Crecimiento de la Iglesia — Dannemann/Correa

GEN – Best Practices in Financial Stewardship — Mark Lail

2:15–3:15 pm              Workshop Session #2  Workshop Descriptions

NMI – What on Earth is God Doing & How Can I be a Part — Sunbergs

NYI – Convention / Jump Around — Ryan Amey & District NYI   Council

SDMI – How to Teach the Bible — Roger Hahn

SDMI – Preschool Ministry That’s More than Play — Michelle Carden

SDMI – NazSafe — Kathy Cott

HISP – Estrategias de Crecimiento de la Iglesia — Dannemann/Correa

GEN – Five Offerings that Don’t Fit in the Offering Plate — Mark Lail

3:30–5:00 pm            IGNITE Service w/ Roger Hahn


Sunday, June 3 

5:40 pm                       Pre-service prayer around the altar

6:00 pm                      IGNITE Service w/ Dr. Carla Sunberg

                                       Youth Worship Band / Cardboard Testimonies / Kids’ Choir

                                       Nursery & Kids’ Programs thru age 12


Monday, June 4

8:00–9:00 am           Registration open for Delegates / Café open for Coffee & Snacks

9:00 am–5:00 pm     Summer Daze for kids  Birth thru Age 12

8:40 am                        Pre-service prayer around the altar

9:00–10:15 am          IGNITE Service w/ Dr. Carla Sunberg

10:20 am                     District Assembly

12:15 pm                       Lunch with SNU – Catered by Ted’s Café Escondido Meal Worksheet-Delegates & Guests

1:45 pm                        Pastors Reports by Mission Areas
                                        Hispanic / Northeast / Northwest / Southeast / Southwest / Tulsa

3:00 pm                       Final Business Session of District Assembly

7:00 pm                       Ordination Service w/ Carla Sunberg

Childcare provided Birth thru Age 5

8:30 pm                      Reception for Ordinands


Pre-register for Summer Daze for Kids

Register for Meals by May 23

For more about District Advance, click HERE