NEO Team Update 7-23-20

NEO Team Update 7-23-20

Promise Keepers launches first-ever Global Virtual Gathering

Promise Keepers is calling men back to courageous and bold servant-leadership by sparking a movement that will mobilize millions of men to follow Christ into today’s broken world as changemakers for their families, churches and communities.

On July 31 and August 1, men all across the globe will gather via livestream in their homes, with their men’s groups, and at simulcast locations hosted by churches to experience the Promise Keepers 2020 Global Digital Experience.

This 2-day event will feature everything that men have come to know and expect from a Promise Keepers event – an authentic, Christ-centered experience with amazing keynote speakers, worship artists, and special guests – all selected to offer a timely message of hope, unity, and transformation directly to the heart of men. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to be refreshed, inspired, and re-ignite your passion for God!

You can watch alone at home, but there is something powerful about being with a group of other men who are seeking renewal. We are aware of two sites for groups to gather on the District: Tulsa Hills and Bartlesville. For tickets to attend one of these NEO simulcast locations, go to

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How God uses ordinary people to change the world

(A friend, raised in Oilton, OK, posted this recently)

“Attention Walmart Shoppers: The time is 8:30 p.m. and your local Walmart store is now closed. Please proceed to checkout your final items.”

The other night these were the words I heard over the store intercom as I’m frantically trying to locate the final items on the list my wife prepared. My heart raced as I hurried around the store. “Baby food. Check. Toothpaste. Check. Oh no, I forgot the hand soap!” I then turn around and head back. Story of the night for me. COVID-19 has affected almost everything in our lives including new hours at Walmart. As I finally got the last thing on my list, I noticed all the employees are still there with no customers in sight. I race to the front to find an open register. Every register is closed except for one…

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Planning your fall group Bible study?

Check out the District Office Resource Room for group Bible study materials! Included in our inventory are several video series from Joanne Ellison. We were blessed to have Joanne as keynote speaker at our NEO ladies retreat a couple years ago, and many of our church groups have enjoyed her studies since. We have the following, which include a study guide and range in length from 9-13 weeks:

Let it Go

Following the Call/Leading Courageously

God’s Great & Precious Promises/I & II Peter

Living in God’s Presence

Making Space for God-vol 1

Making Space for God-vol 2

Making Space for the Words of Jesus-vol 1

Making Space for the Words of Jesus-vol 2

Rise Up People of Faith/Our Finest Hour

The Book of James-vol 1

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