NEO Team Update 8-20-20

NEO Team Update 8-20-20

The Call to Repentance

An attitude of repentance is crucial in our initial coming to Christ for salvation. The New Testament apostles called both Jews and Greeks to respond in “repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21). To become a Christian, a person must repent – turn away from – an old way of life and turn to Christ for forgiveness and salvation.

Yet repentance does not end there. Read More

The Return

Your District Advisory Council affirmed that the number one priority for the NEO District for this year is corporate and individual repentance. That is also the heart of many church leaders around the world. “The Return” is a call for 120 cities and 120 thousand believers to be a part of a Global Upper Room and pray, fast and wait on the Lord for 10 days, Sept. 19–28. During 10 days of a Global Upper Room, they are asking participants to:


(1) Take time off work

(2) Devote yourself to prayer with other believers

(3) Fasting from food on some level

(4) Fast from Social Media and Entertainment

On Saturday, Sept. 26 there will be a massive gathering on the Mall in Washington D.C. and a simulcast. There are a multitude of resources, flyers, instructions, emails and videos HERE. May NEO Churches of the Nazarene lead the way in humbling ourselves before God and turning from our sins so God can forgive us and heal our land.

Congratulations Southern Nazarene University!

Initial reports show enrollment of both traditional and graduate and professional programs above budget this Fall! Our administration and staff have worked overtime trying to prepare for success during this time of Coronavirus! We rejoice with President, Dr. Keith Newman, and all associated with our university.