NEO Team Update 8-27-20

NEO Team Update 8-27-20

The Call to Repentance

I have been reading Our Watchword & Song: The Centennial History of the Church of the Nazarene this week. The Texas Holiness Association, which later merged with the Church of the Nazarene, issued the following statement applying holiness to the most deplorable social situation facing the nation, race. Read More

More About Repentance

The Benham Brothers (Jason and David) shared these insights that relate to repentance at the recent Promise Keepers’ Virtual Event:

  • Boldness without Brokenness makes a Bully.
  • Brokenness without Boldness makes a Bystander.
  • Brokenness with Boldness makes a Bridge between heaven and earth.

Mark Bane, Evangelism and New Start Director, USA/Canada CON shared on a recent visit to our district:

“In many areas, the church needs to repent for the sin of omission – we have been guilty of neglecting the lost. We are content speaking to the church and not upset about those who need Jesus.”

Repentance is all about fresh obedience to God. May that mark each of our lives!

Your District Advisory Council affirmed that the number one priority for the NEO District for this year is corporate and individual repentance. That is also the heart of many church leaders around the world. “The Return” is a call for 120 cities and 120 thousand believers to be a part of a Global Upper Room and pray, fast and wait on the Lord for 10 days, Sept. 19–28. During 10 days of a Global Upper Room, they are asking participants to:



(1) Take time off work

(2) Devote yourself to prayer with other believers

(3) Fasting from food on some level

(4) Fast from Social Media and Entertainment

On Saturday, Sept. 26 there will be a massive gathering on the Mall in Washington D.C. and a simulcast. There are a multitude of resources, flyers, instructions, emails and videos HERE. May NEO Churches of the Nazarene lead the way in humbling ourselves before God and turning from our sins so God can forgive us and heal our land.

Missionary eBooks

The new Missionary eBooks are available for download, free of charge, in the links below. Enjoy and be blessed!

Wanda, by Carol Anne Eby

To the Shelter: Middle East Stories of Finding Middle East Stories of Finding Strength, Courage, and Hope in God by Kay Browning

The Road Back: Hope, Help & Healing for Survivors of Human Trafficking, by Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie

Making 2020 the Year of the Bible in NEO

187 countries have designated 2020 as the Year of the Bible. As we repent for settling for crumbs, how will we make 2020 the Year of the Bible in NEO? Churches can continue using tools like “Community Bible Experience” to get people reading big sections of scripture; they can provide daily Bible readings that follow up the weekly worship experience; we can rally our kids and youth for involvement in Bible Quizzing; and we can teach our members how to read and study the Word of God. What will you do personally and participate in corporately?

I would like to add a personal challenge. When I was in college, I went to work as a summer intern at a church in Trenton, New Jersey. After arriving, I found out that a man had offered to give the church $100 for everyone that memorized, word for word, a group of about 55 passages. I decided that is something I would do in my 8 or so weeks while there. I did so, and experienced like Dawson Trotman, the truth of the Holy Spirit reminding me of these scriptures, which I had planted in my mind, at the appropriate time.

So I would like to pay it forward. I still have the list of scriptures I used back in 1976. Marla has typed them up on sheets (CLICK HERE) where they can be cut out and carried around to memorize them. For every person who memorizes these scriptures (you can pick a different translation if you prefer) this year, I will give $200 (inflation ?) to the local church’s children’s ministry, youth ministry or outreach ministry. The award will be given next Assembly. But the reward will last a lifetime as the Holy Spirit uses these scriptures, planted in our minds, to correct, encourage and train in righteousness.

Plus Deputation Opportunity

Virtual Deputation or in Person. This year we have one Missionary couple that will be in Northeast Oklahoma in September. David and Naomi Phillips can meet virtually or in person with your church, small group, or youth group. They are here the week of September 6-13, or available through video conference the rest of the month. Check with Kay Hilton or Carol Stevens to see what is available. Please also help support them financially by sending your donations into the General Church labeling it for David and Naomi Phillips.

Want to share your Testimony of Entire Sanctification?

David Phillips is doing a video about Entire Sanctification and is looking for volunteers to interview. If you are interested, please contact the district office. He would like to do the interviews while he is here to add to his video.