NEO Team Update 8-5-19

NEO Team Update 8-5-19

Exciting Days for Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries

Michelle Proctor, District SDMI Chair

Summertime is coming to a close and that can sometimes be a bitter sweet. How we longed for the summer all year long… the warmer weather, the family vacations. For some, it was a time to slow down from juggling the rigorous schedules of work, school, sports and other activities. For parents, maybe it was looking forward to a week alone while the kids were off to camp. Summer gives us a chance to take a breath, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, and maybe, slow down just a little bit.

It’s nice to take a break from the busyness of life, but once we start looking ahead to the change of the season and all of craziness coming back in full force can often bring a little anxiety and dread. I understand this feeling completely, but I also know that summer ending means some great and exciting times are on the horizon!

For our children and teens, that means Bible quizzing begins! The thought of our young people studying God’s Word and memorizing Scripture excites me! They are engaging God’s Word daily and in fun and creatives ways!

Let’s encourage our young people to take part in this Bible experience. If you are not sure how to promote Bible Quizzing or lead a group, that is why SDMI exists. We have fantastic children and youth leaders across our district who are excited and willing to share ideas and resources to get a quizzing group started in your church or help take your children/youth ministry to the next level. Just let us know how we can help!

For many churches, small group fellowships resume in September and I for one can’t wait! While the summer break was a needed one to rest and rejuvenate, I missed our weekly times together tremendously. Last year, our small group participated in the Immerse Bible Experience reading the New Testament together.  It was an incredible time of sharing life and scripture together. It opened the door for discussion to share what God revealed to us through His Word and to ask those tough questions that maybe we’ve been too afraid to ask in a larger setting.

As a group leader and pastor, I know I have struggled with this idea of having to know all the answers to the questions that may be asked, but may I encourage you by saying, it’s okay to NOT have all the answers. As a matter of fact, there are just some questions we won’t have the answers to this side of heaven. But here is one thing I do know, the Holy Spirit has always brought into our discussion an application to our spiritual journey that took us deeper in our understanding and closer in our relationship to Christ and each other. Isn’t that what relational discipleship is all about?

Leading a small group requires time and sacrifice but the return is so much greater. But that’s how God’s economy works! If you have a small group and are looking for something different to study, I recommend the Immerse or Community Bible Experience. It’s a great way for us as adults to engage in God’s Word and bring it to life and in our lives as a community.

SDMI’s mission is to help provide, teach and equip ministries to carry out the Great Commission to make Christlike disciples. If you are looking for ways to move your congregation into the home or café for small group meetings, feel free to reach out to me as I would love to come alongside and help you with the new ministry.

In His Service,

Michelle Proctor

District SDMI Chair

For more information about the Immerse Bible Experience curriculum go to:

NEO Ministry Team Retreat

September 20-22

Registration due Aug 19


Audacity Work Blitz 360 / August 16-17

Calling all Tulsa Mission Area Churches!  Our Mission Area Coordinator, Jim Thornton, is asking all area churches to join in a work force to help Tulsa Audacity (12th and Delaware) complete a massive remodeling project they have been working on for the last few months.

We need 90 volunteers to work 4 hours for a combined total of 360 hours of Pure Nazarene Work Force!  Just imagine what will get done!

Here are the shifts we have available:

Friday, August 16,  5-9pm

Saturday, August 17,  8am-12pm

Saturday, August 17,  12-4pm

That’s 30 people in each time slot. Could you join us in signing up for one of the shifts? Maybe your Sunday School class or Small Group would work together on a shift. Contact Ronnie Baker to sign up.

Work & Witness Trips

We are so excited about our district Work & Witness trips to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to build a school/compassionate outreach center! There are three opportunities to participate and cost is between $1200-$1400, depending on airfare. This includes transportation/airfare, food, lodging, insurance, and project funds. There are only 25 spots available per week, so secure your spot fast!




Trip Dates

Sept 24-Oct 1, 2019

June 26-July 3, 2020

July 4-11, 2020


For the 2019 trip, participants will need to secure their own flights and the trip cost itself is $400 — deadline is August 31 for this trip.

Contact Cynthia Hollingsworth for more information: or 918-919-1177

Facebook: NEO Work & Witness-Dominican Republic