Sunday School/Discipleship Ministries (SDMI)

Chairman—Michelle Proctor, 
District Superintendent—David McKellips,
Secretary—Ellen Crager,
Treasurer—Betty Wilburg,
Statistical Secretary—Marla Shepherd,
NYI President—Ryan Amey,
NMI President—David Stevens,

Elected Board

Term to Expire 2020*
Tony Proctor (layperson),

Term to Expire 2021
Shannon Crutcher (layperson),
Bret Metcalfe (clergy),

Adult Council

Adult Director—Dan Hazelton,
Women’s Ministries—Gloria McKellips,
Senior Adult Ministries (Prime Time)—Kendall Moseley,

*Due to Covid-19, the 2020 District Assembly and Conventions were canceled.  Term extended one year.

Shannon Crutcher, Elected Layperson

Betty Wilburg, Treasurer