District Advance | June 3rd-5th

A Family-Friendly, Instructional and Inspirational Gathering
Tulsa Central Church, 7291 East 81st Street, Tulsa, OK

2017 NEO TEAM Advance

A Family-Friendly,  Instructional and Inspirational Gathering
(District Assembly/Conventions/Spiritual Renewal)

Spiritual Renewal Speaker, Dr. David Busic

Advance Schedule

(Downloadable Schedule Here)

Saturday, June 3

8:00 – 9:00 am Registration for Delegates /Café open for Coffee

9:00 – 10:30 am Spiritual Renewal Service w/ Dr. David Busic speaking

10:45 – 11:45 am Workshop Session #1

NMI – Missions and NMI 2016-17 – Bill and Marsha McCoy, David Stevens
NYI – Crafting Creative Illustrations – Eric O’Neal
NYI – Student Leadership Training #1 (workshop for students) – Nick Williams
SDMI – Children’s Ministry in the Small Church – Beckie Richburg
SDMI – Loving Kids from Tough Places – Michelle Carden

11:45 am – 12:45 pm Lunch – Chick-fil-a Box Meal

SDMI Local Chairpersons – Leading SDMI in the Local Church – Steven Lester

1:00 – 2:00 pm Workshop Session #2

NMI – Help for the Local NMI President and Council – District NMI Council
NMI – Light in Darkness Ministry (local missions) – Amy Lutz & Amanda Redman
NYI – Creating and Leading a Small Group Culture – Eric Hawkinson
NYI – Student Leadership Training #2 (workshop for students) – Nick Williams
SDMI – The Church in the Digital World – Jeff Carden
SDMI – Teaching Children to Pray – Kathy Cott
SDMI – 3 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Church (in the very best way!) – Dan Hazelton and Buddy Davis
SDMI – Homiletics Made Simple – Barbara Gunter Richison
District – Vital Signs – Brad Farnsworth

2:15 – 3:15 pm Workshop Session #3

NMI  – Campus Missions: Not Just for College Campuses! – Dianna Potter
NMI – Local Compassionate Ministries: Why? How? Where? – Buddy Davis
NYI – UNITED – Ryan Amey and District NYI Council
SDMI – Snacks that Teach – Matt Angell
SDMI – Your Cape is In! – Beckie Richburg
SDMI – Advancing Sr. Adult Ministries in the Local Church – Kendall Moseley
SDMI – New Curriculum Ideas for Small Groups, Men’s Groups, and Marriage Prep – Jim Thornton
District – Organic Outreach – Dave McKellips and Scott Moore

3:30 – 5:00 pm Spiritual Renewal Service w/ Dr. David Busic speaking

5:15 pm Senior Adult/Prime Timers Dinner 

Sunday, June 4

6 pm Spiritual Renewal Service w/ Dr. David Busic speaking

Monday, June 5

8:00 – 9:00 am Registration open for Delegates/Café open for Coffee

9:00 – 10:15 am Spiritual Renewal Service w/ Dr. David Busic speaking

10:20 am – Noon District Assembly

Noon Lunch with SNU, Catered by Ted’s Café Escondido

1:30 – 5:00 pm District Assembly

6:30 pm Ordination Service

8:00 pm Reception for Ordinands

Kids Programming and Nursery during all sessions

All Workshops Flyer DA 2017 (Download)

NEO Kids Advance

Pastors Matt Angell and D’Anne Means have a variety of activities planned for Kindergarten through 6th Graders during NEO Advance 2017. Kids will enjoy age group services, small group experiences, music, interaction with and lessons from our missionaries, organized games, Bounce House, free play and more.

Kids will join their family or church family for lunches. If you want to have your kids join you for lunch on-site, be sure to either order a meal thru your church for Saturday and Monday or pack a lunch for them.  Also, be sure to feed them before arriving for evening services.

Pastors: Please fill out and return the anticipated childcare reservations form by May 30th. 

Church Childcare Reservation Form

Meal Summary

We want to save you from dealing with lunchtime traffic and give you more time to visit and relax, so we’re providing lunch onsite. All delegates and guests are strongly encouraged to eat onsite and reserve and prepay for lunches through your Church by May 30.

Delegate & Guest Order Form Church Order Form

 Promotional Material

Please feel free to download and print any of the NEO District Advance 2017 event promotionals.

Kids Advance Poster
Children’s Workshop Poster
PrimeTime Workshop & Dinner Poster