• The NEO District Church of the Nazarene is made of up of 48 interdependent local churches, organized to facilitate the mission of each local church through mutual support, the sharing of resources and collaboration. Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions. You are loved!

<h3>Dave McKellips</h3>
<h5>District Superintendent</h5>

    Dave McKellips

    District Superintendent

Finding A Church

Discipling Oklahoma

Our district is made up of 48 active congregations as diverse and engaging as the Oklahoma landscape. We invite you to join us in worship and celebration at any of our local churches.

Team Update

NEO Team Update 10-4-18

By / NEO Team Update
04 Oct 2018

NEO Team Update 10-4-18

“How about those Chiefs?” This was the greeting on my voicemail on Tuesday morning. The KC Chiefs had defeated the Denver Broncos the night before and my Dad was calling from his rehab center to...