The Church of the Nazarene is partnering with Dynamic Church Planting International http://www.dcpi.org/ for CHURCH PLANTING TRAINING. The following courses, created by DCPI and adapted for Nazarene us, are offered from time to time on the NEO and nearby Districts.

  • Church Planting Essentials (CPE)– Basic training on starting a new church. Three-day training. Sample schedule.
  • Churches Planting Churches (CPC)– How to sponsor a church 101. Three-day training. Sample schedule.
  • Mentoring Church Planters (MCP)– Trains mentors to coach, shepherd and supervise church planters. Three-day training.
  • Church Planting Movements (CPM)– A church planting movement is a fast-growing movement of churches that takes place within a people group or segement of population. This is a training for the equipping of movement leaders. Two-day training.
  • New Church Dynamics (NCD) –Providing practical tools to implement systems for growing a dynamic, missional church.  Three-day training.
  • NexGen Challenge Training– Inspire next generation leaders to embrace church planting to reach the world for Christ. Challenge teenagers and young adults to engage in the Great Commission and help them understand their importance to pass on their faith to future generations.
  • Organic Church Course(on the Discipleship Place)- The Nazarene Organic Church Network is an association of missional communities within the Church of the Nazarene. This association of missional communities identify with the biblical mandate to love God, love others, and make Christ-like disciples.  To take this course visit this webpage.

Go to USA/Canada Church of the Nazarene website for more information on DCPI and training opportunities.

Pastor Ronnie Baker is the NEO NewStart Coordinator. Contact Ronnie (ronnie.baker@audacity.church)  to discuss church planting opportunities.