NEO Team Update

NEO Team Update

Find Us Faithful

Dave McKellips

On any week we could print the names of some who have modeled faithful service to God and the church in our update. We stand on the shoulders of a cloud of witnesses, lay and clergy, who have followed Jesus faithfully and whose devotion has lit the way for us. In the last couple of weeks, I have been reminded of the impact of three special ladies – Dell Brock, Joyce Smith and Sheryl Renfro.

Dell D Brock, age 98 of Tulsa Southwest Church, met her Savior face to face on February 25th. Dell became a devout Christian and got involved in the Nazarene church in the late 1950’s. She taught Sunday school, was the missionary president at her church (Yes, she rolled a lot of bandages to send to the mission field! Many of us old timers remember doing that!) and a board member for many years. She raised her boys in church and eventually had her 40+ years of prayers answered when her boys finally, as adults, received their salvation. She would tell you to never give up on God. Dell had a positive influence on everyone she met. She always had a kind word for you and maybe some pear pie.


Joyce Smith, age 90 of Tulsa Central Church, met her Savior face to face on January 30th. Her girls describe her as saint, prayer warrior (If we came to her upset about anything, she would say, “Let’s just pray” or “Have you prayed about it?”), faithful and cheerful. She was a student of the Bible and took seriously putting her faith into action. How appropriate that she died the week her church family was looking at “humble service” as one of the markers of Christlike believers in the “Following Jesus Together” series. She was an ordinary Christian who had an extraordinary impact because she was filled with the Spirit of God and wholeheartedly followed the teaching and example of Jesus, using the strengths and gifts God had provided.


Sheryl Renfrow is alive (so we can’t mention her age 😊) and is still serving, but on February 18 she was honored with the distinguished service award at Pawhuska Church of the Nazarene. Sheryl has served the church as Board Secretary, Treasurer and continues to serve as Sunday School teacher and Pianist.


We live in a world that honors and esteems interesting things. We honor…

Beautiful people

Powerful people

Popular people

Wealthy people

Successful people

But do you know what Jesus says is honored most in the kingdom of God?







Service to the least of these

Those virtues may not make sense in our culture, but it is the way of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for people like Dell Brock, Joyce Smith and Sheryl Renfro who have and continue to model that for us.

Wherever you are, why don’t you sing the words of the chorus from “Find Us Faithful”. As you sing, ask God to help you to be faithful with your time, treasure and talents and leave a legacy for Christ!

O May all who come behind us

Find us faithful,

May the fire of our devotion

Light their way.

May the footprints that we leave,

Lead them to believe,

And the lives we live

Inspire them to obey.

O may all who come behind us

Find us faithful


Half-Million Prayer Mobilization

The time is now to unite with thousands of Nazarenes across the USA and Canada in praying for the Spirit’s blessing and empowerment to move us beyond the church walls and into our local communities, reaching people where they are and blessing their lives.

The Mobilized for Blessing Our Community Prayer Journal is available to order for you and your congregation. Join us in this focused time as you strive to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world!

Please click here for the Prayer Journal, available in Spanish or English.

Check out the attached preview! Devotional 1: Easter Sunday, by David Busic

NEO Ministry Leaders: There will also be many other valuable resources centered around the Cycle to Resurgence and becoming the missional church. To ensure you stay informed and have access to all the important details, kindly ensure your connection to Regional Communication by following the links below:

Thank You!



  • Your Board of Ministry interviewed Minister In Training this past week. We are recommending three of these for Ordination at our District Assembly on June 7-8, 2024.
  • KNOW (Kid’s Night of Worship) was a big success for our NEO Children’s Ministry.

This was just a little taste of the fun and worship that will happen at Kid’s Kamp, July 8-11, 2024 at Camp Bond.

  • 18 members of NEO New Start Team and New Start Church will be attending Exponential 2024 in Orlando, FL. next week. Pray that God will use this to continue to fuel our Cycle of Resurgence in NEO!
  • 13 of our churches participated in the “Following Jesus Together” series in January and February.