A conversation about how we can better open doors for the next generation of leaders, with special focus on how women empower other women. The presentation will include input from a variety of young leaders, giving practical suggestions as to how we can better encourage and empower younger, inexperienced, and gifted leaders.
“Toni E. (Dubs) Porter was born in York, Pennsylvania. She married Jerry Porter in December, 1971. The Porters were blessed with two children, Amy Jo and William Britt. At age 17, Amy’s left arm had to be amputated due to synuvial cell sarcoma cancer in her wrist. She battled courageously for the next four years and passed away December 2, 1995.
Toni graduated from Bethany Nazarene College (now SNU) in 1971 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Spanish. Toni received a Master of Arts degree in theology from Ecumenical Institute/ St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland.
She was ordained a deacon in the Church of the Nazarene on the West Texas District by General Superintendent David Busic.
Following a 2½-year pastoral tenure, Toni and Jerry served as missionaries to the Dominican Republic to help launch the work of the Church of the Nazarene. In 1979, the Porters were assigned to San Jose, Costa Rica, where Jerry served as rector of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas and Toni taught Christian education and women’s ministry classes. While Jerry served as MAC Regional Director, Toni organized and directed the scholarship program for ministers’ children on the Mexico/Central America Region.
During Amy’s treatment in Dallas in early 1992, Jerry was elected to serve as district superintendent on the Mid-Atlantic District (formerly Washington District). Toni served as District Women’s Ministry Director, planning district women’s retreats.
Toni has spoken at women’s retreats and seminars, and is a Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Child Sponsorship spokesperson. Toni has taught Spiritual Formation classes several times at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theology Seminary in the Philippines and to Latino ministerial students in the USA. Following their retirement earlier this year, the Porters are currently serving the church in a creative access area. Their son Bill and his wife Kristin, and their grandsons, Ben and Nate, live in Argyle, Texas.”