Feb 2023
NEO Team Update 1-23-23

He Gets Us The He Gets Us Campaign is sparking a nationwide conversation, and millions are discovering, rediscovering, and taking a fresh look at Jesus’ message of radical love. Now, thanks to FREE resources made available by the campaign, over 15,000 churches have joined the movement. These resources are designed to give churches new ways to understand the culture they encounter every day, and engage with their people and communities in conversations about Jesus. So, if you’re looking for new ways to: Strengthen your message Keep small groups fresh Encourage online spiritual practices Or connect with a rapidly changing culture You’re going to want to go to https://hegetsuspartners.com/ to learn more about how you can leverage the movement and the moment in your ministry. District News Okmulgee Church had a water line routed through the attic to service an icemaker and during the cold snap the line burst in 4 places and......

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